19 juillet 2009


I’m so glad I was able to play – for several hours !!! - in my studio.
I’m a happy girl again.I planned to work on Shelagh’s challenge : done for this month.
I finally understood how the grass thing had to be cut.
When I sew free hand flowers, I mostly draw/sew a swirl.
I also was able to continue the 4 canvasses from Jodi Ohl’s workshop.
I added some collage elements with a theme : coffee.
My favourite hot beverage is coffee, more specifically : espresso’s, I really drink a lot of them.
I also took a picture from the canvasses individually :

Now, I have to wait till they’re all dry.
I hope I will be able to continue playing with those canvasses sometime next week.
My self portrait is ‘on hold’ because I haven’t solved the mouth problem.
But I have started a fantasy Modigliani lady thanks to Pam Carriker :

I begin to feel more confident in drawing portraits and the more : I begin to like drawing them.

I always had great respect and admiration for artists making portraits with a few lines.
This is a portrait of me when I was 11 years young. The artist who made this, used matches and sepia ink. He only needed 15 minutes to draw my portrait.
This is the artist who made the most impression on me.
This artist is José Van Gucht (1913-1980).

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Write you soon,

2 commentaires:

PCarriker a dit…

You are on your way! Looks like a great start:-)

Lucy a dit…

Great idea for the 4 canvases! love the coffee and the rich colors that come from it will make an excellent collection for our class!

Thank you for joining and sharing your works in progress!