16 juillet 2009

Almost done

This is my self portrait so far :
With a detail :
Those glasses weren’t easy to colour since it’s almost all transparent.
How to give a colour to something that let the under layered colour come thru.
How to give a light reflection in the metal and in the plastic ?
I realized I coloured one eye bigger than the other. On the portrait I’m all nose.
And I looked for a different picture of me laughing without showing my teeth to make it easier for me next time : I don’t have such a picture.
It seems I can’t draw my teeth, so I left a blank in my smile !

Why on earth did I want to learn drawing portraits ?
My life is complicated enough without that !
And I know I have plenty other gifts.
But portraits ?
OK, I know why… because my hunger to learn is so BIG, HUGE.
So, Pam : don’t fear.
I will take one step at the time, I love to be challenged !

About challenges, the next part of Shelagh’s challenge has been posted two weeks ago and I just have been able to read it and start it.

Sometimes English is just like Chinese for me. I have read a part of the challenge just about 10 times and I still don’t understand it – that’s maybe the challenge – LOL. I will read it again in the morning with a ‘fresh head’.

I also started the next lesson of Pam’s ‘Pursuing Portrait’ .
Again a picture of me (don’t think I begin to feel like ‘Narcise’ a personage in the Greek mythology) and some important elements in my life : keys, I added a symbolic five, because we are 5 in the family ; one shell because we live very near the sea.
Still have to add more elements :
a butterfly, because it’s my symbol in my art
a poodle, because I have one
and a sport element .

"The pen is mightier than the sword, and considerably easier to write with."
Marty Feldman

Write you soon,

3 commentaires:

Vicki W a dit…

I think it turned out great!

Marilyn Rock a dit…

Super self portrait! WOW! Love your Blog and I am happy you are taking Jodi Ohl's encaustic workshop; it's so much fun!

septembermom a dit…

Amazing self portrait. The colors and lines are extraordinary!