13 juillet 2009

Summertime feeling

Although we are in the middle of the touristic season,
I have a real summertime feeling.
My evening are, after a long day of work, filled with ‘doing nothing’ and ‘doing everything’.
It’s the first time in years I really take the time to do nothing.
What a great feeling ! I enjoy listening to music with my eyes closed.

I enjoyed taking the time to make a pizza :
We ate the pizza with a glass of ‘vin rosé de Provence’, a ‘rosy wine’, a typical summer wine, made in the Provence, France.

I even took the time to make jam with red fruit – la confiture aux fruits rouges :
This will be eaten with a ‘baguette’, a long, small bread or ‘croissants’.
Every ‘boulangerie’- bakery- sells those fresh baked.

I exercised a bit more on doing more portraits :
Not always with the same success
But I want to succeed.
I worked a bit on my self portrait
That nose and that mouth !
I’m turning crazy !It seems I can’t rectify my errors.
I’m in a loop and I can’t take a step away to be objective and really SEE what I’m doing wrong. HEEELP…
It’s maybe helpful to show you the reference picture :
On my self portrait I had a quick ‘plastic surgery’ and removed some of the –few- wrinkles.

“What is youth except a man or a woman before it is ready or fit to be seen?”
Evelyn Waugh

Write you soon,

1 commentaire:

Shabby Cottage Studio a dit…

I really think you're doing a great job on your portrats...drawing faces is just a matter of what you are already doing, practice, practice, practice. :-) AndI find your language for jam with red fruit... la confiture aux fruits rouges...much mroe appealing and romantic sounding than our "jam".

Hang in there you're doing wonderful!