5 juillet 2009


After finishing ‘Fleur brulante’ and ‘Frioel II’ and before starting working on the UFO, I wanted to sketch a little bit.
My mother and I both love Modigliani so I looked for some inspiration in the paintings from Modigliani.
There also was an article from Pam Carriker in the Cloth-Paper-Scissors from may/june 2009 (issue 24) that provided me even more inspiration on the technique to use.
As warm up I tried to draw ‘Jeanne’ on one of my journal pages.
I first made a little collage adding some music notes from ‘Sur le pont d’avignon’ and of course a butterfly and painted the background.
Once this was dry, I sketched ‘Jeanne’.
She’s spooky without her eyes.
This is my version of ‘Jeanne’ :
With a detail :
I will not tell you how many times I started the drawing again !
I now know, I will try to make a self-portrait but that’s for later.

“Derive happiness in oneself from a good day's work, from illuminating the fog that surrounds us.”
Henri Matisse

Write you soon

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PCarriker a dit…

I LOVE this! Huge Modigliani fan and I am happy that you found my article helpful. Your version is just wonderful. Don't you love his simple lines?