23 juillet 2009

Mixed Media

I’m having one of those ‘time of my live’ moments lately.
I’m still working on the four canvases and, the more layers I add, the more depth I begin to see hidden details.
Now I feel I can finish the canvases.

My eldest daughter, seeing the canvases asked if I wanted to alter her side table, from her lecture corner, in the same way. I told her, she could do it too but then she said : you’re the artist, not me. I know what to do on Sunday, don’t I ?

“Art, like morality, consists in drawing the line somewhere.”
G.K. Chesterton

Write you soon,

4 commentaires:

Fiberina a dit…

Hi Nathalie

Your self-portrait is very good - I can only see your eye in the photo at the top of your blog and I recognised it was the same person immediately.

Also, your English is much better than my French. I think you should be very proud of your skills, both drawing and writing.

It's good to have you in the Holey Moley group.


solange bonnet a dit…

The evolution is very good, and I think that you finished. I like very much.

Marilyn Rock a dit…

Beautiful with the canvases! I really love what you did. Great depth with the layering.

Lucy a dit…

I'm so happy you are having such fun with the canvases, they have turned out wonderfully! I think you would do fine to add a matte spray varnish at the end to answer your question.

Have fun on Sunday :)!