9 juillet 2009

Summer is in the country

We have a fabulous weather for several weeks now and after work instead of being creative on paper or fabric, I take a long walk. My dog just loves it and me even more.
The ‘Pursuing Portrait’ workshop given by Pam Carrikkker started this week and I’m curious about her way of drawing her portraits. I like her ephemeral style.The first lesson was about a generic face :

We were advised to draw eyes, noses and mouths :
She gave us some great tips, making the drawing of a nose and a mouth much simpler.

I continued the drawing of my portrait :
This is the result so far :
I will continue a step at a time.

“The secret of creativity is, knowing how to hide your sources.”
Albert Einstein

Write you soon,

2 commentaires:

Guzzisue a dit…

reading with interest as I always have a big problem with faces, usually rather leave them blank rather than attempt to draw them in.

PCarriker a dit…

Looking great so far! I love the portrait in progress, wonderful start, can't wait to see it finished:-)