7 avril 2009


If you remember :
I had 1 resolution for this year :
Finishing what I started.
So far : I succeed.
I’m finishing the pear
still have to sew the binding and put a title on this pear.
What a great feeling this is.
I still have some UFO’s but all from some years ago.

Keeping a visual and work journal is – for me – the ideal way to plan a work.
I try several techniques - without making a whole new and big project - and put the try-outs in my journal with the references to remember how it was done.
I’m gathering all the ideas I get, even the craziest ones and work on it when the time is right.
Keeping a journal does mean that I ‘learned’ to sketch again.
Just because I have to visualize my idea, I have to make a clear sketching, not only circles and rectangles and a stripe of colour. It happens that, after sketching I find out that the idea is not what I expected, I still have the sketches in my journal but I can easily drop and let go the idea and move on.
I realize that I sew less but better and more focused. My preparation work has become more important and the sewing has become ‘my desert’, the cherry on the cake.

"Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance. "
Will Durant

Write you later

3 commentaires:

Marie-Claire Saint Maux a dit…

Hi Nathalie, you are right. When I take notes or when I make a sketch from an idea, later on I don't even remember what was my poject.
I come back from the 2 days workshop with Linda Colsh, such a wonderful person, in Quevaucamps (surface design and silkscreening). I know that I should try each exercice again and take notes, but my diary is full of participations in exhibitions (they are falling from the sky) and I have the feeling of having to produce without time enough to try to innovate.
I would like to learn the technique you used for your pear? when could we meet.

Mal* a dit…

Congratulations on the finishes! What a boost...

Anonyme a dit…

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.