20 avril 2009

The flower…Continued..

At first I wasn’t very enthusiast by ‘the Flower’ but the more I’m working with her the more I’m convinced that she will turn well.
I’m already this far :

All those oranges and red. It seems I like to work with similar colors in an almost monochromatic way. Strange… I just love the power of using 1 color family. I could have chosen another color but no, I chose the fantastic power of the red family.

Remember the doodle ?
Well I took a detail and sewed the lines with an automatic decorative stitch :

I used a red/white thread with a satin stitch.
Once finished I coloured (with the caran d’ache, of course !) the surface using the primary colours. I watered the colours and this is the result :
Not a masterpiece but I enjoyed the process and that’s the most important !

"Mistakes are the portals of discovery. "
James Joyce

Write you soon

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