15 avril 2009

Cruise Control

I have lost my cruise control button. Saying this : I mean that updating my blog is -sometimes – hectic. I start to write a little text in ‘word’, adding some pictures and then go working. Then in the evening I come home with the intention of putting the text on my blog.
Lately I’m not enough at home to put it online : I have an emergency call and I have to go work again.
But I take the time to play !
I continued the flower :
And I continued to play with the soul journaling.
I used a picture of my son (from 1996) playing a pirate.
I added key stamps
Treasure instructions
I used treasure gold to add colour to the page
Here you can see the colours I used : black and red.
I used puff paint to add dimension to the key hole and coloured it gold, what else ?

The next picture is from my youngest daughter – also being a pirate – but I used ‘girly colours’ and her mascot : she is absolutely in love with teddy bears.
And yes, she still is !!!
“The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes.”
Frank Lloyd Wright

Write you soon

1 commentaire:

Mar a dit…

i went back a few post to figure out your flower
you are sewing it!
lovely material
is this a quilt
a topper
a pillow
a page for your journal
i can be kinda nosy

you hang in there with all these mechanical erruptions!
the problems of the youth...
soon enough she will be through all the amores heartaches
and have her one steady being...

your picture altering turned out well
isn't that a cool technique!

i don't think anyone has you on a time clock
of course you go at your pace...
it is all about 'you'