28 avril 2009

Online classes

I used to take a lot of online classes – I still take online classes - and I came to this conclusion : one lesson in a week is often too much !
Certainly when you’re working full time at work and at home.
And even more true when you have other projects ongoing.
Since my goal for this year is : focus on and finish what I start ; I find it difficult to keep up with online classes unless you only devote to that class .
That happened for the soul journaling class : I’m way behind but I don’t care !
I know I can read my notes even when class is closed and I know that if I have a real problem I can write a note to the ‘teacher’. I never had to do this but I know the door is ‘open’. Wonderful, wonderful internet !

I did some thread painting today:
this time the honour goes to the colour purple.

I want to use the tacking foot in ‘free sewing’ mode.
I never tried but I’m curious if it will work.
The purpose is : obtain a hairy flower heart.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
Soren Aabye Kierkegaard

Write you soon

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