18 avril 2009

A quarter of a Flower

I’m sewing slowly but steady on my flower. The result is rather flat for the moment but this will change – I hope – when I will start the thread painting. And that’s not for in the next few days.

This is the back from my work :
If you have a better look, you can see I numbered the petals and coded the different shades.
Once I sewed a piece I darken that spot with a pencil.
A bit like “painting with numbers” !

We started the fourth lesson In the soul journaling class from Sarah Whitmire.
The theme is Black/white. I googled for B/W and selected some pictures with high contrast.
I found a picture of two hands : a young and old hand in a different skin colour.
I also found a shadow picture that touched me. Since those pictures are copyrighted I will not post them.

I played a little with the paint program on my computer and doodled with the different available brushes (I discovered a brush that writes like a calligraphy pen) :
On the first doodle, I doodled an apple, a pear, a head, a word and scribbles.

On the second, again a word, boxes, circles and scribbles.

The third is the same as the second doodle but I added some colour.

The fourth is the negative image of the third.
It’s not so easy to write with the mouse and it’s even more difficult if that same mouse decides to run to a corner !

The second challenge has started on Shelagh’s blog.
My first picture from the challenge is BLAH ! I had to be creative since I do not have the required material. I probably will start over or add more foil and certainly remove the straight lines !
But this promise to be as exciting as the first challenge.

“Fight for your opinions, but do not believe that they contain the whole truth, or the only truth. “
Charles A. Dana

Write you soon

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