23 avril 2009

Module 4

I finally started the activities from the city and guild course.
I made a paper collage not from the seascape – I already made in fabric –
but from an imaginary mountainscape :
I used different kinds of papers, some were very hard to tear !

After colouring the background with waterpaint, I applied different papers on the two background for auditioning :

I prefer the blue background.
I started to threadpaint ‘the flower’ :

Therefore I grabbed most of the red threads I have :
I love the idea of having the right color for the right fabric. This does not mean I choose the same shade as the fabric when I sew my zigzag stitch !

While I sew, Avril is sleeping :
It’s her way of keeping me company !

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. “
Roger Caras

Write you soon

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