16 janvier 2009


I made a new sample for the class I will give in February :
It’s a mix of decorative machine stitches and Angelina.
I also started to assemble all the different pages I made. My first idea was to punch holes in the pages. But then I had to put large eyelets in my page AND find a ring large enough to hold all the pages:
Between this picture and now, I made 3 new fabric pages.
So I sewed eyelashes using wool.

Tomorrow is the last day of the exhibition.
I’m so glad I took the opportunity to exhibit. The public was ‘wild positive’.
They loved the fact that they saw an evolution from classic quilts to contemporary work.
It’s not because you love Mozart that you can’t love Pink.

"The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance."

Write you soon

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solange bonnet a dit…

What a good idea!!! This book will be beautiful.