25 janvier 2009


I finished the top of ‘Marseille L’Estaque’ for now.
I will start to construct the borders so that I can extent some details in the borders.
For now I have to look for different colour options. Maybe do something like ‘Marseille Frioul’.

I also played further with my plastic background from Shelagh’s challenge .
I added an organza layer on top :
Since my eldest daughter is moving, I will use her room as painting studio. She has a worktable the size of her bed. Every time I wanted to use paints I had to be creative in storing the wet painted surfaces. And I had to put a protective plastic on the floor and on my sewing table. I even used our diner table to paint.
So, after I finished playing with the plastic background, I started storing all the paints, brushes, papers, plastics, crayons, enz. in boxes
and carried them upstairs.
I still have the reference books that will also go upstairs with my help
Or …
What did you think ?

“Never discourage anyone...who continually makes progress, no matter how slow”.

Write you soon

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Ton village est magnifique ! mais sûrement pas facile à réaliser