19 janvier 2009

City and Guild- Creative sketchbooks

I finished the second module of the City and Guild Creative Sketchbooks from the Kemshalls. I’m so glad I started this course. Playing with all those toys (understand : paint, pastels, crayons, enz.) is great fun. This course is ‘giving you permission’ to make experiments of all kind !
Edwina Mackinnon is my mentor and she’s very supportive. When you start a ‘City and Guild’ class you receive a ‘timeline’, this means : the time it will take you to accomplish one module.
For module one and for module two ; there was a timeline of 6 hours each. I spent some more hours to finish the 2 modules. I also did the option ‘take it further’ because I wanted to play a little more and know the used products better.
I never did a colour wheel in the past and now I made three different ones ! I uses acrylic paint, liquid paint and tools and gadgets from my shop.

I had great fun making this exercise :
And this one :
You have to look at those as a technique exercise only.

After blogging about my bobbin collection I received several real old bobbins with still lace thread on it.

Today I took my works back from the exhibition. Some works will have their place back in my home. Some others will have a new home and I’m happy for the new owners.
I met all the buyers and I know they will be taking care of ‘my babies’.

Tomorrow I will take ‘Marseille L’Estaque’ in my hands again. I have to start making that tree ! As said in a previous post, I want to make the tree a bit dimensional. Therefore I will use tulle and many lose threads. I also will embroider some free standing leaves.

“What we play is life.”
Louis Armstrong

Write you soon

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