30 août 2009


What a playing/sewing afternoon can do to me !
I was becoming depressed because I hadn’t a minute left for me.
This summer has been full packed of emotions.
Some big decisions were made and I had to find my balance again.
After viewing the pictures from our trip to Avignon, this picture was the ‘that’s it’ moment : I was inspired.
I cut a paper sized woven stabilizer.
I took my fabric scraps basket.
I took a variety of light blues and some greens.
I reduced the size of my scraps, yes, even scraps can be too large.
I layered the fabric ‘randomly’ or almost :
I forgot to tell :
Between the stabilizer and the snippets, I layered two layers of mistyfuse.
I ironed this background :
I looked for more scraps evoking a sunflower.
I freely cut some petals, leaves and stems in a variety of brown, orange and yellow.
Layered those petals on my background :
I still have not used one pin !
I closed the door because a breeze wasn’t an option : Didn’t want to go on snippet hunt.

Under the heart of the sunflower I added some wool roofing.
To protect the surface, I layered a beige polyester chiffon, the first pins were used :
A detail to show you the wool under the flower center :
I added some 'stitch and tear' on the back when I started to thread paint.
Without I wouldn’t have enough stability :
A detail :
I thread painted the background with swirls to remember the mistral when we were in Avignon.
I also used some metallic thread because I wanted the blinking capturing the sunlight.

I simply zigzagged the border as final touch :
Now I feel so well again ! Not depressed any more.

“Housework is something you do that nobody notices unless you haven't done it.
Sam Ewing

Write you soon,

5 commentaires:

Karin a dit…

Love the sunflower and also the free style you chose to create it and "undepress" yourself!

Vicki W a dit…

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the detail steps with us.

Clevelandgirlie a dit…

Cool tutorial and absolutely gorgeous sunflower. Love the texture you created in the background - but that sunflower - oh that sunflower - love it!

Anonyme a dit…

Nathalie, I'm LOVING this! You've interpreted the design very creatively, and it looks like it was a blast! Makes me want to head for my scrap bin!

Ellen Lindner a dit…

I'm "anonymous". That was my previous comment, but I got moving too fast and didn't sign it properly.

Ellen Lindner