23 août 2009

A long hot summer

When I say hot, I mean : just perfect : 25° C (79°Fahrenheit) with a little sea-wind.
Because of the nice weather, I was more often outside and I didn’t play that much with fabric and colours.
What I did was colouring the collage surface in all the different blues I have adding only a touch of yellow/orange.
I did a wash and now have to wait till the surface has dried in the sun :
While waiting I tried to play further with the flower stitcher.
I first prepared a surface to play with :
Black felt
Misty fuse
Rainbow organza
I ironed the misty fuse on the felt, added the foil and then fused the organza on top of it.
This became my play surface.
Well, it seems I’m not able to stitch ‘perfect’ circles :
I obtain ovals or spirals, but circles : no way.
What am I doing wrong ?
I’m sewing on a thick felt surface. I changed the feet pressure to the max.
The thread tension is correct.
I try to keep the place around the felt clear, I hold the felt to avoid the dragging.
The only thing it could be is the size of the felt. Could it be too large ?

I just tried on a smaller piece of felt.
Well, I still have the same problem.
I will have to exercise a lot.

"Motivation is when your dreams put on work clothes!"
Milton Berle

Write you soon,

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