27 août 2009

One OFF-week !

My youngest daughter came back from Cannes (France) yesterday. She told she had the most beautiful holidays ever.
In the evening, after telling what she did and viewing the pictures we had to go back doing down to earth activities : the laundry.
We already hang most of the clothes and she only had to hang one short.
She was in such a hurry - because we would eat an ice-cream – when it happened…
She missed the door opening.
And since she’s always walking barefoot in the house.
She jelled and had tears in her eyes.
Her little toe pointed to the wrong side.
We went to the hospital, pictures were taken and the conclusion : a broken little toe.
The doctor taped her toe and she has an absolute interdiction of stepping on her feet for 3 weeks.
From all the bones you can break, this is one of the most stupidest.
When we were at the emergency, we couldn’t stop laughing : You know you can’t do a thing about a broken little toe but you have to be certain it’s broken.
A chance that we have a good national healthcare : I didn’t have to pay anything.
The only thing I will have to pay for, is the use of these ones :
After using them for three weeks, it will be something like 3 dollars.

"That's the secret to life... replace one worry with another..."
Charles M. Schulz

Write you soon,

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