16 août 2009

Lavender Landscape

I had to put an intermezzo in my blogging because I wanted to finish the lavender landscape. The quilt shop is having a class sample exhibition next week and since I was asked to give a beginners landscape class, I hurried to start and finish a class sample.
I only wish they will like my lavender landscape.
I added two detail pictures to show you the quilting.
The quilting in the landscape was free-hand machine quilted. In the borders I used an embroidery motif and my endless hoop. Embroidering the border took about 5 hours, hooping included.
I had one panic situation : I was embroidering the border when I realized I only had 1 spool from that colour ! Never enough. After some searching I found almost the same colour in a different brand. You’ll never find the place I made the colour change.
The size of this quilt is : 27 x 21 inch.
I still have to name this landscape and sign it.
During the class I will show how to machine appliqué with freezer paper and how to choose/quilt a motif in a landscape. I deliberately left a hill barely quilted to prove that even the ‘bulk’ can play in your favour.

“You know what charm is: a way of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question.”
Albert Camus

Write you soon,

7 commentaires:

Sue B a dit…

This is beautiful!

Vicki W a dit…

I think it's beautiful too!

linda stokes a dit…

I'm sure they'll love it - I agree it's beautiful.

Judy Alexander a dit…

I love landscape quilts. This is really beautiful. Stop by my blog and see some of mine.

Marilyn a dit…

Your quilt work is beautiful!

Ellen Lindner a dit…

C'est magnifique, Nathalie! (That's about the extent of my French.) I'm sure you'll be a wonderful teacher.

Mal* (turning*turning) a dit…

I love this! I wish I lived close enough to take that class. Even though I'm not much one for taking classes (hypocritical, since I teach them), I would love to know more about your process here. Lovely!