5 septembre 2009

Long days

I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to be more creative and show you more. As I said in past blog posts : this has been some hectic months.

DH and me have decided to take a well deserved break next week : we’re going to Deauville, France. For us : only a 3.5 hours drive with the car.
It’s time we have some quality time. The past months we only lived for our shop.
Men always think they’re able to do it all. Women also…
Since we know – for 2 years now - DH has the disease of Parkinson, I have the impression we run after time.
That’s why we try to take more quality time. Simply enjoy our company.
Believe it or not : now we love each other, when we were just married not. Strange.

I haven’t done much : some doodling after seeing some work from Marc Chagall,
some sketches in preparation of another flower fabric collage :
and some flower stitch exercises. Didn’t made I some progress ?
I also enrolled in Terri’s faces workshop new version.

some sketch, but with some details added and lines erased:
Sue and Terri had the luminous idea of changing their class format in on-going workshops.
They created a ning-ring and added all their workshops in that ring. No yahoo-group anymore and an easy to navigate site.
The positive about that group is that the pictures from the different workshops will be available for all the members. I’m in another ning-ring and saw myself enrolling in a class because of the pictures showed by other class-members. The general discussion forum is available for everyone becoming a member of the ring and not just the workshop members.

“I never feel age...If you have creative work, you don't have age or time.”
Louise Nevelson

Write you soon,