31 mars 2009


We are already in the second week of Sarah Whitmire ‘Soul journaling- advanced techniques’.
After altering some pictures, it was time to alter our journal.
I have cut some windows in my journal ;
I collaged some pages with old papers, some written pages from schoolbooks, some ‘old’ knitting explanations, postage stamps and shopping tickets with gel medium.
This took ages to dry !

Then I gessoed my pages

This took even longer to dry.
Once the pages were dry I took my favourite crayons (the caran d’ache pastel neocolor II, of course) and started to colour randomly :

This is where I arrived so far, since I wet the crayons, I have to wait the pages to dry.
Yes, again.
A chance there is only one lesson a week.
I think Sarah do this on purpose ; that way we have the time to think about the outcome of our journal.
I want mine to be a ‘happy journal’.
I want that journal - when opened later - be a happy memory ! I refuse to think at the bad moments – life is too short – and yes we have our bad moments but that’s not the theme of my blog.
I still have some pictures to alter.
That will be done Sunday – no time earlier.

On april, 2nd I go to a creativity fair.
I hope to find some weird stuff to work with.

"So divinely is the world organized that every one of us, in our place and time, is in balance with everything else. "
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Write you soon

3 commentaires:

Mar a dit…

you have been busy!! the colors look so pretty all together
looking like a map...to your soul???

i plan to work at my homework today!

Caroline a dit…

Looks like you are getting a lot from Sarah's course.

I especially like your gesso!

Angelika Westermann a dit…

Hi Natalie,
Your pages look really nice already. Isn't journaling a really fascinating eperience? I absolutely love it.