15 mars 2009

Without words

This is the façade from my youngest daughter's school :
some inside pictures :
an inside 'garden'

some windows :

this is Bruges :

I had to take chocolate-pictures

and pictures of some beers :

I hope you enjoyed the walk !
Write you soon

4 commentaires:

Guzzisue a dit…

brings back memories of our time there last september

septembermom a dit…

I love these pictures! Thank you so much for sharing. I wish I could walk those streets and see all that beauty and history in person. Maybe some day :)

Jackie a dit…

What a beautiful place to attend school! Lovely!

Pat's Place a dit…

Ah, Bruge or Brugge?
I visited there in 1965 and bought my wedding veil there. It was a lovely little town full of beauty and serenity. It looks much the same now as it did then...