24 mars 2009


Played a little more with the challenge piece. I added some metallic thread around the foiled circles.Yes these pictures have been taken from the same piece but some with

and others without a flash :

On the pictures taken without a flash, I can’t see the red organza top layer. But I can see the plastic I used to create the under layer.
In reality the pictures taken with the flash are realistic.

I received a mail from the Kemshalls : I now am in module 4 from the City and guild Creative Sketchbook.
Since the start of this course I haven’t have a single regret.
No, I lie : I should have taken those courses much earlier ! But on the other hand : I shouldn’t have appreciate it as much as I do now.

I started to draw my next project :
Those parts are only a small part of a larger project.
No, I will not tell what it is, not yet. The only thing I will reveal is that it is a nature oriented project with bright colours.

"If you reveal your secrets to the wind you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees. "
Kahlil Gibran

Write you soon

3 commentaires:

septembermom a dit…

Beautiful work. It is all coming together nicely. Great quote too!

Genie a dit…

Beautiful work

Mal* a dit…

I love to see stages in people's creative process. It's so neat that you post from your original ideas and sketches all the way through to the end. I also like to see the way you progress on more than one piece at a time. That's definitely how I work!