18 octobre 2008

Tyvek play

Since I didn’t find blank silk scarves to paint I have to wait with Lenna’s workshop till I’m back from Houston, You don’t know how sad I feel about that !
But, in my search to find stuff to make some ATC’s, I found TYVEK, yep !
Long time I played with Tyvek.
Aren’t we the most spoiled girls with such a ‘hobby’ ?
As textile artists, we can play with all we can think of, even with Tyvek envelops or bubblemail envelops. We can rip, torn , wrinkle almost anything we find everywhere,
I am the most stress free woman in the area.
For now I heated the tyvek with my iron :

Sunday I will add some colour and then sew it in one or the other way.
These are future exchange ATC’s in addition with the ones I have already made :
On the other hand I almost finished Terri’s workshop quilt.
I still have to sew the binding, but haven’t decided about the colour :
I added a detail shot to show the free machine flower quilting with embroidery thread.
Tomorrow I will also make the suitcases for our trip to New Orleans and Houston.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.’
Thomas A. Edison.

Write you soon

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Tonniece a dit…

Great blog, I love all the beautiful ATC's