12 octobre 2008


After a First step in the Stamping World I have made a second step.
Again, a try-out in my sketch journal and then on fabric. No, the two aren’t the same.
In my journal I used bubble wrap as stamp :
I used several colours : butter cream, gold and silver.

For my fabric, I started with my pastels, I watered the surfaced, fixed the colours with my iron when my fabric was dry. Then I started to stamp butterflies on the whole surface.
Again some colour fixing ironing ;

I found that my background was not enough coloured and I decided to use some more pastels:
I ironed my fabric while still wet and - stupid me – without any protection on my ironing board.
Now I have the most original ironing surface !
I do not use this board to iron my clothes, so this isn’t a drama. In fact I had a good laugh !

I’m not used to use candy colours but the result is nice : All those butterflies dancing between the colours made me feel joyful !

“Joy is not in things, it is in us”.
Richard Wagner

Write you soon

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Lenna Andrews a dit…

“Joy is not in things, it is in us”. Richard Wagner . . .
This is one of my favorite quotes, Nathalie. I even have it as a rubber stamp! It seems to me you are getting along fine with fabric & rubber stamps. I hope my 1st lesson has been an inspiration for you. I do love the colors you used, so happy! And I am glad the colours on your ironing board made you laugh : )) that is good.
I will send Lesson 2 on wednesday, unless you want it sooner -- then let me know, with an email! lenna