7 octobre 2008


Every time I tried to take my hand on fabric stamping and painting on fabric I had the feeling I was bored before I even started, I simply didn’t want to understand why someone should use stamps on fabric and have an artistic nice result.
Ha, stamping : easy : put a butterfly here, a spider there…colour a little up and a little down…
Well, I tried several times but no, I was not ready to stamp on fabric.
Till I followed Sharon B’s workshop and till I saw a project from Lenna Andrews workshop : Fabric Stamping and Painting Workshop.

Some time ago I started to use a sketchbook again and started to draw and paint again. I also used some ready made stamps and stencils with gesso and guess what : I liked it, I had fun.

Since I liked the pillow form Lenna showed in her blog, I contacted her if there was a possibility to take an online workshop from her to learn how to make something similar.
And yes, she was ready to send some lessons via e-mail – boy : do I love the internet, makes the world so much smaller and the possibility to learn so much bigger ! - and after some earthy arrangement were made I could start to juice my imagination.

I’m half way the reading of the first lesson and will start playing tomorrow evening, I do not have all the supplies, not even half the needed supplies but that’s part of the fun : finding substitutions for some products. I live in a place with no specialized craft shop.
This first lesson will be a good starting exercise for making ATC’s.

This 'horses stainded glass' was also a technique I said I wouldn't do, never say never !

“Men are born ignorant, not stupid ; they are made stupid by education.’
Bertrand Russell

Write you soon

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lenoirdenantes a dit…

Your horses stained glass is wonderful! The choice of colors is great, but what really makes it alive is the quilting.

Lenna Andrews a dit…

Thanks for the link, Nathalie! You have the right attitude -- even though you may not have all the supplies, dive in and have some creative fun! : ) lenna

also -your stained glass horses are beautiful!