6 septembre 2009

Three flowers and 200 posts.

I never thought I would still know what to say after 200 posts but :

After the flower sketching from yesterday, I started to choose some fabric for my little project.
I layered the fabric in no time :
This time I added white tulle on the surface :
I stitched the whole surface with metallic thread. I was curious about using the background I made some weeks ago. I quickly auditioned the two together and decided to use both of them :
I carefully cut the background to avoid a lot of bulk :
I used a stitched zigzag to make the two pieces one. I used a dark blue metallic thread to make a transition between the purples from the center and the blues from the border.
After adding the backing, I quilted – again with a light blue metallic thread – with a vine stitch.

I just love this free appliqué way of work :
I’m able of using scraps.
It’s rather quick.
It’s freeing.
I can ‘let go’ and make my thing without a lot of stress.
It’ just what I need for the moment.

“The best way to cheer yourself is to cheer somebody else up.”
Mark Twain

Write you when I’m come back from Deauville,

2 commentaires:

Vicki W a dit…

What a lovely piece and I love seeing your process.

Marilyn a dit…

Just love your work and showing your process makes it all the more interesting.
Enjoy your trip.
We are leaving for a trip to Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia and have rented a cottage in each province both by the water and hope to see some sights and relax.
Take care,
Marilyn from Canada