4 juin 2009


Shelagh posted the next part of the challenge on the Creative Challengers blog.
This is such a fun way to learn working with an embellisher machine.
This was the start :
Stage 2 :
Stage 3 :
And now :
with a detail shot :
Now, we have to wait till next month for the next stage.

After reading a poem, I sketched this seagull :
I decided to write the poem on the page because I was touched by the words.
I tried to translate the poem for you but I wasn’t able to find the words that reflected the spirit of the poem.
Sorry for that.

Next week, my son has to defend his thesis at ‘school’ and then his studies are finished. He starts to work in two weeks.
He’s proud, but I’m prouder !
He became 21 years the 3th of June.
Times flies !

“Youth has no age.”
Pablo Picasso

Write you soon

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Nicole D. a dit…

Thank you for the poem...You couldn't translate...I am french , understood it...of course difficult to save the atmosphere.
I did'nt kow it, and I'll try to send it you back translated...If you don't receive it, you'll may think I did'nt sucess