27 juin 2009

Avignon –day 2

We like to start our day with a nice extended ‘petit déjeuner’ : expresso, croissants, baguette, brie, confiture and fresh fruit.
Now we’re ready to go for a 3-hours walk with our guide.

She will explain us the city from 1309 to nowadays.

You certainly can imagine that 3 hours are not enough to tell you the rich history of Avignon. If you are interested, follow this link.

and this link.

The main event is certainly the ‘Festival d’Avignon’ in July.
We walked in the city with our guide till almost 14.00 hours.
We had to hurry for our next appointment with another guide and a small group of Asian tourists : the Lavender road – ‘la route des lavandes’.

Near the lavender fields, there were cherry trees :
So sweet to eat.
We went to ‘l’abbaye de Sénanque” a Cistercian abbey built in the XII century and surrounder by lavender.

We had a little drive to have these fantastic views from the village of Gordes :

And then…

Our guide, looking for a farmer who would sell his products to our group,
took the wrong road and got lost ,
and no, the GPS doesn’t work in the middle of nowhere !
The guide realized that we would have to go all the way up the Mont Ventoux and go down the other side. On the top of this mont, it was freezing !
My parents will never believe I was in that car. I was scared to death !
I hate high mountains – especially the depth, I get dizzy - and I always said to DH that a montain holiday was a reason for a ‘divorce’. I told that to our guide. Our guide answered that since he and I weren’t married, we couldn’t have a divorce. This made us all laugh and feel better.
We came back at our hotel 2 hours later than scheduled.

It was almost 22.00 when we enjoyed a fabulous diner :

‘The point of living and of being an optimist, is to be foolish enough to believe the best is yet to come.’
Peter Ustinov

Write you soon

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Jane B. a dit…

I loved your beautiful pictures - especially the Lavender Road. I'm visiting France from the US in a few weeks - very much looking forward to it :-) J'aime votre blog - thank you for sharing it with us.