10 juin 2009


I will dream about a lot of thread bubbles. I quilted my UFO – in the meantime I gave this work a name : Frioel II – with bubbles.

I used a yellow variegated thread to quilt the air bubbles.

Then I filled some with a variegated light pink.
The reason I filled some bubbles ?
I suffer from all sort of allergies and one of them are the pollen from many trees and flowers. Since the air is full of pollen, you can see the white pollen and with the sun shining on them, it’s a bit of pale pink.
This time I had a lot of trouble with the quilting : I used an ‘old’ thread and it decided to break every 4 bubbles !
Almost went crazy.
Once this work is finished, I will never use it again.
I will take the thread off the spool and fill a jar with the different colours. This way I have an extra decoration item in my studio.
By the way : for every ‘new’ work I change my sewing needle. Every time I start to sew, I clean my bobbin case holder with the brush and I take the dust from the machine surface.

“The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.”

Write you soon

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Sue B a dit…

Love this piece Nathalie! Such a wonderful combination of color.