7 juin 2009

Election Day

Today was an election day in the most of the European countries.We went voting early this morning. I had promised myself that after our vote was given, I would sew for the rest of the day after a walk with my dog :
Well, she walked with me : she’s so afraid of my camera that she wanted to hide or go home as quick as possible. I can assure you : taking clear pictures with a dog not stopping to move is half a miracle !

So, I was able to quilt ‘The Flower’.
Still have two petals to quilt, but she’s beginning to look different now :
I want to have her finished before our trip to Avignon in 10 days.
I love to be in France for the Summer solstice because of all the music festivals going around. You have the street musicians, many free concerts in all the possible music styles. Even the littlies bistro has some amateur players. Just love to see and hear happy people.
You can see two details here :

To be able to quilt easily I made a bigger quilting surface using my thread boxes :
The dragging is less important this way and it is a cheap solution !
" Democracy is a process by which the people are free to choose the man who will get the blame. "
Laurence J Peter

Write you soon

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