25 mai 2009

Working on ‘The Flower’ again..

After an intermezzo, I started to work again on my flower.
I added the borders on my ‘Flower’ :
I chose red because I intend to paint the wall where she will be hung, grey.
The ‘green’ garden will also be in sight of this work. That’s the reason I added a little green accent in the small border.
I don’t know what you think of ‘the flower’ but it’s turning to be a powerful work.
I didn’t want to use the word ‘overwhelming’ but it’s nearby…
Here she is ready to be quilted :
I enrolled for a workshop given by Pam Carriker named ‘Shades of grey’.
This workshop is ‘an open ended workshop’, this means : you can enroll whenever you want, it stays online.

This is what I have done so far :
I added some quotes from Ernest Hemmingway – when using a moleskine sketchbook, you can’t do otherwise – I was a bit influenced by G. Klimt and I started to play with the words : shades of grey and ombre (meaning shadow).
In fact : I could have used any colour beside the grey. Surprisingly working with white was the hardest. Not used to work with a ‘non-colour’ .

One could ask : ‘Why do you start to work on paper ?’
My answer is : storing journals takes less place than quilts and fibre art !
My following answer is : I have a better vision of what I’m creating in fibre. It’s better thought and prepared. At least, I hope so.
As result : I have the some joy in creating and a better feeling when my fibre work is finished. I also have a written remembrance on how, why and when.

‘There is no rule on how to write’
Ernest Hemmingway

Write you soon

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