6 mai 2009

Module 4

I played a bit doing the fourth module from the creative sketchbooks course.

I punched pages, then cut them and reassembled them using the punched holes and ribbon.
I “see” some possibilities in using this technique in my fibre work..

I tried to have ‘correct’ colours for the exercise above, but you can’t recognize the picture - taken during a visit in the “Ten Duinen” museum near my home - from behind the punching. But I could use – in my fibre work - some sheer upper layer so that the layer beneath is only guessed.


Don’t look at the colours below : I just intended to have a big contrast and just took some paints.

Then I pierced a page using a metal pin.
The view from the back is more interesting than the front.
I don’t see any application – for the moment – using piercing in my fibre work.

This I certainly will take in fibre work :
I sprayed two different colours, the orange was sprayed first, the brown second.
Once done, I discovered I sprayed a shadow from my giraffe, I just sprayed the colours in the wrong order.
But this is really fun.
I first tried this (I looked for the correct name, but didn’t found it, so I call it ‘this’) :
Without great success,
then I used this bottle :
There was still some hair product in it but I emptied the bottle and rinsed it out.
When you don’t have the time to shop…
You have to take a look in your house, starting in the bathroom and in the kitchen.
Still have to find some skeleton leaves,
This will be shopping, unless a good soul buys me flowers and the skeleton leaves are used as wrap decoration. I have the same pleasure with the flowers as with the wrap since the cellophane can be painted and melted with nice results.

My dog has had surgery today. She had some little tumors again and before they grow too big, we found it more advised to let them cut away. Female dogs are more ‘fragile’ to have that kind of tumors apparently.
She’s back at home, trying to sleep but when she walks, it’s like a ‘drunken person’: she doesn’t seem to find her stability !

"What we have to do is to be forever curiously testing new opinions and courting new impressions."
Walter Pater

Write you soon

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Mal* from turningturning a dit…

I love to see you experimenting with techniques. What wonderful results! Will be thinking of you and your dog. I have two small dogs and I always worry about their health. Sending good thoughts.