11 mai 2009

Blank Pages

I started to paint several pages from my sketchbook to make them more pleasant to write and add my ideas and thoughts on that paper.
It was such a fun that I painted more pages than I had in mind.
I also made a collage from what we did on mother’s day, this was yesterday.

From my 2 youngest I receive a letter saying that I could spend money in a craft store.
They realized – after all the years telling them that if they want to give a present, I wanted thread or craft material - that nothing was doing me more pleasure !
In fact, it was my son giving the present because my youngest daughter left for Istanbul for a week school trip. She promised to shoot a lot of pictures.
We also went on a ‘Start to golf’-day. It was super. The weather was all sunshine and the golf was splendid. We were looking for a sport we could do together and this was a sport that DH was willing to try. And he enjoyed ! I’m so glad because he has to move more.
The club members were very open to talk to us about the whereabouts from their club. I was surprised to see as many adolescents playing golf.
Next week we will take a lesson and we’ll see…

“Golf is a good walk spoiled.”
Mark Twain

Write you later

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septembermom a dit…

Sounds like a lovely day! The sketch pages look wonderful. Great color.