1 janvier 2010


I made another journal cover.
I made this cover for a very special heart thief.

J’ai crée une nouvelle couverture de carnet.
Je l’ai faite pour un grand amour.

I ironned plastic bags
I layered multi-color sheer
I mixed the two with my embellisher
And then I added some fancy stitches
J’ai repassé des sacs plastics
J’ai superposé un voile bariolé
J’ai assemblé les deux avec ma machine à feutrerEn fin de compte, j’ai ajouté quelques points fantaisies
I made the inside cover
j’ai fait la ‘doublure’.

This is the result, (inspired by Shelagh):
Voici le résultat:
With a detail shot
Avec une photo détaillée

Aren’t’ you curious to know for who I made this cover ?
N’êtes-vous pas curieux de connaître ce grand amour ?

It’s my dog.
I intent to put all the pictures and some anecdotes I have of her in this journal.
C’est mon chien.
J’ai l’intention de mettre toutes ses photos et quelques anecdotes dans ce carnet.

The staple journal covers is growing quickly.
Mon tas de couvertures de carnet ne cesse de grandir.

Write you soon,
À très bientôt,

7 commentaires:

Cynthia of Cynful Creations a dit…

Nathalie, your journal for your dog is FABULOUS! I love the colours! Plus I am enjoying your bilingual blogging. :)

Cynthia from Canada (who would like to improve her French)

Claire a dit…

Nathalie -- Fabulous! What a lucky dog!

septembermom a dit…

So creative and beautiful!

Happy New Year!

freebird a dit…

Wow, you are a busy woman! Nice looking journals. Your dog is a very lucky dog to have it's own journal. Are you going to dip it's paw in paint or on an ink pad and put it in it's book?

Anonyme a dit…
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Anonyme a dit…

Nathalie, it is ages since I visited you, I am blown away by your journal covers, just to die for Janet B.

The Enchanted Mirror Shoppe a dit…

These are so beautiful!